Rachel Ibbison10 Comments

Under $10 to have better sleep and less radiation in your home!!

Rachel Ibbison10 Comments
Under $10 to have better sleep and less radiation in your home!!

All right Mamas! Health is my main focus and has been for over 10 years. I've realized in the passed couple of years that it is not just about what you eat and how you move your body. It has to do with so much more than that. When working with my clients we look at our wheel of health. And when that wheel of health is completely out of balance it wrecks havoc on our health. I don't believe that we can truly find perfect balance, but we can reflect weekly or monthly to see where we are lacking in our wheel!

Environment is one of the areas. I've been doing a ton of research on lowering the toxins in your home from cleaning supplies to makeup, to radiation. This little tip is something that costs very little, but will lessen the radiation in your home. 

So here's what you do! Purchase this timer and plug your modem into it. And have your modem go off while your family is sleeping! There is no need to have it running while everyone is sleeping, and at the same time you are cutting down on the exposure of radiation--and not to mention lowering your electricity bill! I have ours set from 10 PM to 4 AM.  I do this so it doesn't cause an inconvenience to our family, and we really don't even notice it! 

There is so much research going on about EMFs and it all makes so much sense! While we live in a day in age where it is inevitable, why not implement things like this to lessen your families' exposure?!? 

Another tip is to turn your phone on airplane mode while you are sleeping, especially since the majority of us sleep with the phones near our head! And please, if you have young ones with devices, make sure they aren't sleeping with them in their room, or at least teach them to turn it on airplane mode too. It's little steps like this that can improve you and your families' health.

And if you are a parent like me of young ones, we are all searching for ways to sleep better. Why not try this easy method?!?

Please share this message with as many families as you can. This is such an easy change and could help so many families. Thank you for helping me spread the word!!!

Much Love,