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The Biggest Thing that is holding you back from your goals

Rachel Ibbison2 Comments
The Biggest Thing that is holding you back from your goals

You ready??

It’s not time, it’s not your lack of support from your husband, it’s not your kids schedule, it’s not lack of money…….

I hate to break it to you,

But, it’s you, my friend!

The only person between you and your goals is you and your mind.

Our mindset can literally make or break everything in our life.

If you’ve made up your mind that this is going to be impossible, well then, it will be!

If you’ve made up your mind that everything else is going to get in your way, well….you guessed it—it will!!!

It absolutely blows my mind what our minds can create, so why not create the life of your dreams?!?

Why not change your thought process and call yourself out?

How, you ask?? Here are a few steps you can take!

  1. Instead of saying “I can’t lose weight.” Try saying “I’m in the process of learning to lose weight,” or “I am finding ways to help my body lose weight.” It’s little tricks like this that can get your brain moving in the right direction. Anytime you catch yourself saying something like I can’t or stating the negative outcome, that comes from a fixed mindset, add I’m in the process of in front of it, and your mind will believe it!!

  2. Ask yourself is it true. (From Byron Katie’s The Work) Is it really true?? I’ll give you a hint—it usually isn’t true!!!!!!!!!!! So restate it so it is believable but moving yourself in the right direction.

  3. Reframe the thought and word it like you would for your best friend or children. Be nice to yourself my friend! You deserve to be treated right, even by yourself!

See how your life starts to shift. Small shifts like this in your mindset will get you moving in the right direction. The key here is to write it down! Don’t just think it, take the time to journal this through. You might even have to write it down every morning for a while until you retrain your brain to think differently.

How do I know this so well? I have done a ton of work on this and in fact still do. I have a tendency to go down a negative spiral naturally, so this work is near and dear to my heart. I’m working on reframing my self talk everyday. ;)

Try it! Do the work. Focus on the one thing that you really want to happen and pay attention to those thoughts. I would love to hear how this works out for you! And if you need help figuring this out! Comment below or email me! I would be glad to help!!

Much Love,