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Top 10 Fall Favorites!!

Rachel Ibbison4 Comments
Top 10 Fall Favorites!!
Photography by Sarah Renzoni

Photography by Sarah Renzoni

Fall is by far my most favorite season of the year!! The clothes, the food, the air, all of the wonderful activities to do on the weekend!!!  I LOVE it all!  Here are a few things I'm obsessing over!!!

1. Booties

It's safe to say that boots and booties are one of the most exciting items to wear during fall!  I love pairing booties with a dress, or even with a pair of skinny jeans.  They are the perfect fall accessory!!! These boots have a great heel but are still comfy enough to stroll around with the kiddos! And the price is great too!!!

2. Lipstick

I have been slowly switching my makeup over to non-toxic organic if possible makeup.  A friend of mine recommended this lipstick, and let me tell you it does not disappoint! The shade sugarbear is the perfect shade for fall!!


3. Sweatshirt

Need I say more?!?!  There is nothing better than sweatshirts, and this one is perfect to pack in your bag for a chilly night, or even paired with jeans!

4. Layers

These sweater shawls are timeless. I bought them a few years ago, and I'm still buying the various colors. They are the perfect layer to any outfit and they have a classic, timeless look to them!

5. Coffee mugs

Do you agree???  Something about fall sends me into a coffee mug spending spree. There is something about a beautiful coffee mug to start the day! This one is perfect for the pumpkin season!

6. Blanket

Doesn't fall make you want to go out and purchase all of the cozy blankets?!? Requirements: warm, fuzzy, and soft!! And I don't know about you but one of the first thing I think of when I think of the fall season is my Uggs. What better than combining the two and wrapping ourselves in a warm, cozy Ugg blanket!?!?!  YES PLEASE!!

7. Soups

There is nothing like a delicious soup on a fall afternoon. This is one of my favorite healthy, easy, and tasty recipes!!  Keep the ingredients on hand for those days you just don't have anything to cook!!

8. Shoes

I'm obsessing over these shoes, and I'm thinking fall is the perfect time to wear them!!! How cute with a pair of embroidered jeans or a mid length skirt!!! 

9. Leggings

There is nothing like a pair of comfy leggings. Requirements: soft, doesn't pinch at the waist, and stretchy fabric. These are by far my favorite ones to date!! And the price is fabulous!!

10. Fall is the perfect time to revamp your house. I love decluttering and finding ways to make our house less toxic. These cleaning supplies have changed our household. Not only are they the safest cleaning products I have yet to find--it makes life so simple with one concentrate to use for all cleaning products from counter cleaner, to hand soap, to laundry detergent etc! I am so glad we made the switch to Branch Basics--and to top it off the bottles are chic and high quality!!!

Here's how it works. You purchase a bundle that comes with the concentrate--I purchased this one above. It comes with the bottles and on each bottle it has a line on it as to how much concentrate and how much water you put in each bottle. It's super convenient to use this as your only cleaning supply, but my biggest reason is it is safe for all of my family.

So many of us focus on nutrition and exercise when we think about changes we need to make to heal our guts and live a healthier, happier life, but I believe in looking at our whole wheel of health with our home environment as one of them. Think about all of the cleaners you use on a daily basis--how much of it are you breathing in, spraying near your food, or near your children? Our home environment can affect our health and how we feel, so it is very important to find something safe that isn't full of chemicals. In fact the product is not even labelled unsafe, so it doesn't irritate your eyes, skin, or lungs if accidentally ingested!

What's your favorite fall items?!?!  

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