Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the Rain

This right here has been a life long lesson that I will be constantly working on. Leaning into the darkness, surrendering, and having faith that this is all just temporary. Trusting, believing, and releasing all passed notions. It's no coincidence that dancing in the rain is one of my most favorite things to do. It brings such joy and freedom to my soul.

But what if that was how we surrendered to our darkness? What if we took what we were dealt and danced with it instead of fought it? You see, what we want in life is not always what is best for us. Our desires and our wants may not be our true calling. Our thoughts aren't always ours. They are molded by other people's beliefs, and when we realize that a whole new world opens right up!

I have always had a difficult time with this as a type A personality. What I want I will work damn hard for and I wont' give up until I do. But what if life wasn't supposed to be so hard? What if we relied on a bigger power and trusted that what we were being handed and where we are at in life is exactly where we are meant to be? 

What does that feel like? 

Do you feel the tension release in your body? Did you take a big exhale?? 

I know I did!

Yes, we all have desires. Yes we all have goals. But how often do you put those goals out into the world and wait to see if they are truly aligned with you?

Take a moment. Grab your journal. And write out your desires, your wants. Circle a few that feel true to where you are at right now, or hold the biggest pull. Write about it. Why do you want this so bad? How can you get there? Who and what do you need in your life to achieve this outcome? 

And pray.

Pray for a sign. Pray for the right people to come into your life. 

If this path is where you belong on, you will get a sign. That person will happen to cross your path. 

But there's just one thing.

You HAVE to trust.

You HAVE to release control.

You HAVE to believe that everything is working out for you exactly the way it should be. 

How do you do this?

Pray, journal, visualize, meditate--and then most of all go have FUN! Do what makes your soul on fire! Dance in the rain, walk in nature, play with your children, bake something--whatever it is, whatever sounds like fun, go do that. 

And once you fully release and surrender wait for the magic. It's coming!!!

Much Love,