Take a Moment to Yourself

IMG_7946 So I guess I have a theme lately.  Man, have I been working hard lately!!  Yes, it's all so exciting and I'm having a blast doing it, but as a mom, working hard, and keeping everyone else happy can be very taxing.  Are you with me??  I have been working every chance I get when Kensie is sleeping, or if i get an hour or two, but where does that leave any time for me??  It's so easy as a mom to forget about themselves and not do anything for yourself, but you know what??  That makes an unhappy mom, at least for me.  Sometimes we just need to tune out and do something mindless for a bit, that nourishes our soul.

I know, I know we hear it all of the time, but seriously!  My friend and I always talk about "the list" and how it is honestly never ending, and you know what?  It will always be a never ending list.  We will get to what is important, and the other stuff will happen when it happens, so for today, I'm taking an hour, and doing me.  I can guarantee that I will reconnect with the world with a happier heart and more of a sense of peace.  I hope you all can do the same for yourself.  Having a great weekend, friends!!


What have you done for yourself lately?  Do you feel like you are always last as a mom??


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