Exciting News!!!!

SONY DSC We are so excited to share that we are expecting a new member of our family November 27th!!!  As many of you know from this blog post, we struggled to get pregnant yet again.  Through all of our struggles, and the fact that we were planning on being a family of four back in 2011, we finally feel like our family will be complete :)  And yes, we did an ultra sound and there is only one baby.  It's honestly bittersweet to know that we will never be parents to twins, although, I definitely do not feel like I would be able to handle another twin pregnancy, meaning the stress of it, read our twin to twin story here.  I think only those that have lost twins would understand this feeling. The nerves are still high during this pregnancy, and I'm surprised, after going through an uneventful pregnancy with Little K, but I guess it's to be expected!

We are beyond thrilled, as we almost gave up.  I plan to share the steps that we took for our infertility in the next few weeks here.  I know so many couples who struggle with infertility and my hope is to share what worked for us to help others that are struggling.  Stay strong and keep hope :)



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