My Latest Tinted Moisturizer Obsession

I'm always on the lookout for foundations/bb creams/tinted moisturizers that make my skin look it's best.  I also try to find products that are as organic as possible.  Makeup is a tough one to find all of these qualities in.  I have found the BEST tinted moisturizer!!! It's perfect for the summer, as we don't like to have a whole lot of makeup on, but we still want to look our best.  It's light weight, and has an SPF of 15.  It comes in just one shade, which makes it easy to buy, and it's all kinds of fabulous!!! My good friend recommended this to me, and I was immediately hooked! IMG_7882

I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks of this product!!!  Have you ever tried this brand??  If so, is there anything else you recommend??



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