image1(2) Do you have this problem??  I sure do!!! I was sitting with one of my favorite people just having a conversation about life.  As a mom to a little one, isn't it the best to just sit with a girlfriend and chat about life???  It really is refreshing, and definitely doesn't happen often enough.  I've been feeling a little off of my game lately, and couldn't really pin point what is going on.  We started talking about how

it is okay to be off, and not always on. 

It made me think about my life lately.  I've been really focusing hard on some exciting goals right now.  Those goals are driving me so much that, dare I say it......

I have not been using my daily checklist!!!!!!

I know, I know.  It really is shocking to me too.  This is literally my life line.  It's crazy because I have been getting SO much done lately, work wise, not life wise, lol.  But you know what??  That's ok!!!  I'm still living!  My house is not nearly what it should be.  I have a ton of projects that need to get finished in the house, but they can wait.  Hubby and Little K are fed, and they have clean clothes.  They aren't always put away, but hey, they are clean!

The point to this, is that sometimes it's good to not always be on.  It's good to be off a little.  Life can just become so monotonous, especially as a mom to a toddler or a young one.  It's good to shake it up a bit.  We all need some surprises and other focuses sometimes.

It is really hard for me to comprehend that saying of a messy house is a happy house.  A lot of people will say that to me.  The dishes and cleaning can wait.  Your kids grow up too fast.  But in the back of my mind, I'm thinking, is that ok to have piles of dirty dishes everywhere, and a dirty house???  I'm honestly not happy in a messy house.  I have learned to have a lot of closed baskets around the house, so at least I can hide the messes in there, and not obsess over the house being spotless.

Fake it til you make it, right??

So I'm going to enjoy being off for now, as I know my checklist personality is definitely going to sneak back in at the right time.  Take it for what it is, and push my projects in the deep part of my closets ;)  It's a little life reset :)  Until then, I might be a forgetful and please, please DO NOT open my drawers or closets!!!!!!

Do you ever just walk away from your lists for a while? 



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