Mom Hack

Mom Hack

Hey Ladies!!

As most of you have seen, I have been in full launch mode over here with my new monthly program The Happier Mom Collective!  It's been fun, exciting, and overwhelming all mixed in one!  It's so difficult to start something new and put yourself out there, but this has been on my heart for quite sometime and I just knew, no matter what mix of emotions I had, this has to be shared.  And so I did.  And don't be fooled, my friends.  It wasn't without massive resistance, self-doubt, and fear or failure!  All of these emotions creep up on a daily basis, but once I spoke to one mama, immediately I was reminded of exactly why I do this.  It brought me back to the real reason why I started this movement. 

Mamas, we are the heart of our families.  We are the core. 

Our mood affects the whole family and it's up to us to be leaders and role models for our family.

We can do this together. 

I have created this program to support you through the process--working through the tough stuff together. 

It doesn't have to be so hard, and you don't have to do it alone! 

Check out the details!  Doors are closing today for the month of July!  Fitness, nutrition, and mindset all work together to become The Happier Mom. 

As promised, I also wanted to share with you this amazing product I found that has changed my life!  If you are like me, right now, in this stage of my life, going to get a pedicure is on the bottom of my priority list.  But seriously, ladies, it's a struggle!  Especially with running and workout feet!  Wearing flip flops and have pretty non-callused feet is important to me, and something about clean pedicured feet just makes us feel prettier, right?? 

This product is AMAZING!  I was skeptic, but let me tell you, LIFE CHANGING!!  Especially if getting to get a pedicure is a struggle! 


But please, be warned, your feet get worse before they get better!  It takes about a week.  You put the booties on for an hour, but don't expect your feet to be cured right when you take them off.  It actually won't even look like you did anything for the first couple of days.  Then your feet will actually peel and look horrible--don't be alarmed!  That is the process.  I just wore socks a ton when this was happening.  And then it's like a miracle, literally, your feet are baby soft!  No joke!  It uses natural extracts to help rid your feet of their unwanted dead skin.  I'm telling you, friend, you won't regret this one!  Happy feet are always more fun in the summer! 

Much Love,