Rachel Ibbison

The Conscious Life

Rachel Ibbison

You go through the motions, but stop using all of your senses.

You wake up each day thinking how can I survive this day instead of asking what can I bring to the table.

You don't take the time to actually understand what you are feeling and why.

Instead of sitting with your thoughts, you watch tv, scroll mindlessly, or lose yourself in a internet black hole.

You think the answers are hidden in the next new bag, or the designer sunglasses.

You think everyone understands but you.

You have seen the glimpses of gut reactions or nudges, but haven't taken the time to really understand exactly why or what they mean. 

Enough all ready.

Have you ever sat down and thought about what living the conscious life really means?

It's time we stand up for who we are and what we deserve. 

Get out of your head, and be in the moment. 

Wake up.

We are here for a reason.  Life is precious. 

Living a conscious life, certainly isn't the easier way out, but it's the soul-filled life.  A life of purpose, reflection, love, and forgiveness. 

You are not alone, Mama.

We are all doing this together.  We can all relate whether we share or not. 

Do one thing.  Look at yourself in the mirror.  Are you happy?  Are you fulfilled? 

If the answer is no, grab your journal.  Ask yourself, what are you missing?  Write and when you feel like you want to stop writing, don't.  Keep going. 

What brings you joy.  Make a list--like a long list--50 minimum.  After you are done?  Go back, highlight what really speaks to you.  And now the real challenge is, go do at least one of those things right this very moment.  If you can't possibly do any of them right this very moment.  Schedule it.  For this week.  You deserve it. 

Much Love,

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