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It's Finally Here

Rachel IbbisonComment
It's Finally Here

This is long over due, and I can honestly say that most of the reason why it took so long was my darn friend RESISTANCE.  Man, she can be quite nasty, deceiving, and quite persistent. 

I over stayed my welcome at Pink Checklist. 

It was my first home, but so much has changed since I started there, with the biggest change becoming a mom. 

This feels like home.

Resistance met me every step of this way.  Heck, while I'm typing this, I almost quit and told my husband that it's just not worth it.  Switching to a new site is stressful, and believe me, next time I will be hiring someone to do this for me.  But the things we resist are usually what we need or want the most. 

If I didn't get this site going, I wouldn't have been the Happier Mom.  You see, while doing this, one wouldn't think that.  Most of the time I wasn't happy doing it, but what really wasn't making me happy was the resistance and fear I had around the whole process.  You with me??

This is where you'll find me. 

This is where you will find all of my tips, tricks, and strategies that I'm working on to become a Happier Mom.

Notice that I say a Happier Mom, not a Happy Mom.  Please don't be deceived in thinking that I am always that happy go lucky mom that never loses it on my family, or that never does anything wrong.  That is FAR from the truth. 

The truth is that my imperfections are what drives me. What can I do to prevent this from happening again.  What am I missing in my life that is causing me to react this way? 

We are always a work in progress.  We are always looking to become better, stronger, more knowledgeable. 

I'm on this venture and it certainly isn't one I want to do alone. 

If you can relate, and want to join me, subscribe below, and join our tribe of Happier Moms.

Thank you for your continued support. 

Much Love,