Rachel Ibbison

Mothers, You Are Not Alone

Rachel Ibbison
Mothers, You Are Not Alone

I see you.

I know life is difficult right now.

Some moments it feels like you've lost your complete identity, while other days it feels like you have finally found it.

When someone asks you what you enjoy for yourself, you immediately start thinking of what your children's desires and likes are, not your own.

Most weeks it feels like you can't get ahead.  It even feels like the universe is against you.

It's not.

You are normal.

The fact is, the universe is cheering you on.  It has to start with you.

As mothers, we have to find joy.  We are the core of our family.  If we aren't doing things to find joy in the moment, then we will feel like the universe is against us.

Ask yourself.  What brings you joy?  What brings you happiness?

And please for you, for your family, do at least one a day.

There will always be tough times.  Motherhood isn't easy.

Ride the wave.  Use the lows to teach you lessons.

And tomorrow be a better version of you.

We got this.

Much Love,