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Being a Fashionable Mom on a Budget

Rachel IbbisonComment
Being a Fashionable Mom on a Budget

I've been wanting to get back to my fashion game on here for a while, as that is a huge passion of mine, and plus, being a happier mom means feeling good in the clothes we live in, right?? 

Most of you know that I am a part time Special Education teacher.  This is my third year being part time.  I also know have other sources of income, this blog, working for Cathy Savage Fitness as a Fitness Coach, and Isagenix.  My family has figured out a way to make this work so I can be home more, and yet still live the lifestyle we are accustomed to.  This has been working out great for us, as I still have a steady pay check, but I'm still home and able to be the mom I want to be.  My side jobs are typically done while the kids are sleeping, or when my hubby gets home. 

But with this took some discipline for us.  My side jobs are not a steady paycheck, so my hubby, aka the budget man, and I have come up with a budget that works for us.  We never want to live above our means.  The only debt we have is our house.  We take pride in not having credit card debt and having both of our cars paid off.

We both have agreed that we will never live beyond our means and go into debt.  It's a non-negotiable for us. 

So with this, I have a clothing budget....wa, wa, wa.....LOL...believe me, this did not come easy.  Before I went part time at work, my extra income was how I spent money on clothing and the extras that I wanted to purchase.  So, for a long time I never had to worry about what I was buying.  But now, it's a different story.  I have a budget of $250 a month that I can purchase clothes.  That might sound like nothing to you, or it might sound ridiculous, but let me tell you when you calculate shoes, workout clothes, etc, $250 goes fast!!! 

But I refuse to let my fashion sense go! Dressing nice and feeling good in my clothes makes me a Happier Mom!

I am going to start sharing what I purchase every month for clothes, while sticking with my budget.  It's a fun challenge for me every month to find good buys.  I am typically an online shopper as it's just not what you call a good time going clothes shopping with my littles.

So here is what I purchased in January.  I spent a total of about $175.  Not bad, and I purchased a few cute items!!!  Here they are:

This month I went with some staples.  It's pretty safe to say that I'm obsessed with the army green color with dusty rose.  I can't get enough of that combo!  The price total might be a little off, since I used coupon codes at old navy, so make sure you check www.retailmenot.com before purchasing any of them! I'm loving the pants.  They add a bit of color to my wardrobe!! 

I'll be sharing monthly, so be on the look out!  Happy shopping lovies!!!

Much Love,

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