Did you hear???

Our podcast went live!!! Finally! I mean we’ve only been recording and talking about this for over a year!! It’s finally live and we have six episodes up all ready!!

The Happier Home Podcast

Welcome to the Happier Home Podcast; where we listen to the whisper and sometimes scream. We are Dr. Kendra Becker and Rachel Ibbison, fitness coach. A happier home is a fit, fun, fierce place. We are warriors in health and fitness. Our mission is to make our homes happier, while still keeping it real. Come as you are. Our homes are happier when we are perfectly imperfect.

Our first few episodes are more introductory of who we are and what we will discuss on podcast. After that we cover what following a gluten free diet entails, an anti-inflammatory diet, and a paleo diet. We will be covering so much more on this podcast!

We will be covering all ways that make up The Happier Home which includes any every way you can take care of yourself and your loved ones.

As we get started we would be so grateful for you to subscribe and/or leave a rating or review!!

We have so much in store for this podcast, but if there is anything you would like us to cover specifically, leave a comment below and we will do our best to cover the topic and/or find an expert to speak on the topic!

We have so much fun recording these episodes and we hope you find as much joy in them as we do!

Sending so much love!!!