A letter to me before you....
a letter to me before you

Dear Rachel,

You have been trying for so long to get pregnant. I know it’s difficult to let this one go. You have been used to controlling every step you have taken in your life and this one you can’t. You should be proud of all of your hard work and all that you have overcome. Mama, this is a lesson that is going to hit you hard, but you will be a better person in the end. Let go.

You will get pregnant. Focus on your health, but more importantly focus on your mental health and the ways you deal with stress. Don’t be so hard on yourself! Perfection is an illusion.

Slow down. Enjoy the little things. Appreciate the time you have with your husband. Go on dates, and enjoy the little things you get to do together.

Rushing to work? You got this! You have no idea how much extra time you have in the morning. Before you pass judgement on any parent and think why are they not able to show up fully, believe me, you will understand completely. Parents that are working, and parents in general are all doing the best they can. Children can make simple tasks more difficult and cause us to be late, or forget something.

Sleep? You are not tired! I repeat! You are not tired! You will soon find out what living on very little sleep will feel like.

Time? You say you don’t have enough time. You will be amazed at what you can do in an hour! Enjoy the days on the weekends where you can slowly get things done!

a letter to me before you

Stop obsessing about your body and how it looks. Your body is yours. The more you love up on it and treat it the right way, the happier you will be with it. Stop depriving yourself of foods just to find yourself going completely overboard on the weekend. It’s not worth it.

Your life will change, and yes, it won’t be easy. It will be stressful, but you will learn so much about yourself in the process. You will feel love that you have never felt before. It will be hard on your marriage, but in the end, it will bring you closer.

Be in your chapter. Focus on where you are now. You will get there, but getting there will not make you happy. Stop waiting to be happy when and focus on everything you love right this very moment.

Sending so much love,



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