There are Brighter Times Ahead

There are Brighter Times Ahead

Everything sucks sometimes.

I have it written down in my phone, because you know what, it does! And it feels good to laugh about it every once in a while. 

This quote means everything to me. 

I know I'm guilty of it too, but the circle I have is all about positivity, and looking at situations and finding the brightness in situations is what we do.

Yes, I agree, we can find good in most situations.  We can turn our perspective towards the brighter light.

But I do believe that many leave out the fact that our lives can't be all sunshine all of the time.  We all go through tough times. 

"Everything does suck, sometimes!"

Even the most positive people I know have tough times. 

We can learn to make the sucky times last a shorter amount of time.  We can learn to recognize when we need to take care of ourselves more. 

When going through tough times, acknowledging it, and knowing that this is just temporary can surely take the edge off. 

Let things go, be easy on yourself, and know there are brighter times ahead. 

Much Love,