10 Ways to Workout with Young Children

10 Ways to Workout with Young Children


So trying to get back into shape with little ones is definitely a challenge, especially when sleeping through the night is not an option!  I have to be creative and make it work with every situation we have, and let me tell you, everyday is different, so I have to learn to go with the flow!  I wanted to share my top 10 ways to workout when you have little ones in the house here for all of you fabulous Mommy's that are in a similar situation that I am in!

1.  Wake up at 4:30 and just get it over with.

This is my absolute favorite way to workout, but let me just be honest, this has not happened since baby James has been born.  I can't remember when I started this up again with Little K.  I believe it was right around when she turned one.  This is the easiest, and best way for me to guarantee a good sweat session.  I get to do it alone, which is always nice, and at that time in the morning the only excuse I have is that I'm too tired, but nothing else.  There truly isn't anything better than getting up and getting it done before you even start your day!!

2.  Hope that your children nap at the same time.

This is my next favorite, and seems to be what is happening the most at this time.  I have been lucky to have them napping pretty regularly at the same time.  All the stars have to be aligned in order for this to work, but it's a great way to get it done, be alone, and get an afternoon boost of energy :)

3.  Involve the toddler in an obstacle.

If your child is old enough, this is great.  Little K has been loving making obstacles and participating in my workout.  It's not the best option, as there has to be a ton of breaks etc, but it's much better than not working out at all.  Run, jump over things, throw in some burpees.  Believe me, when I try to move at the same pace she moves, I start breaking a sweat in no time!!  My friend Ashley shared that she plays games with her kiddos, like pick up certain colors, or certain numbers.  She also plays follow the leader on walks :)  I love those ideas!!!  It's all about being creative in the moment!

4.  Communicate with your partner.

This is huge.  It's tough to juggle it all, but there are definitely times when I just need to go be by myself and get a good sweat session in.  I find myself telling my hubby, I need to go running--mentally and physically.  It's perfect.  You don't have to take the time out to drive some where, and it's minimal time.  I typically come back as a new mommy :)  It tends to be my therapy and reset when it's a tough day :)

5.  Walk or Hike while wearing baby.

James loves when I wear him and now that the weather is nicer out, this is definitely becoming more of a possibility.  You could even wear your baby and push your toddler in the stroller.  For us, Little K only seems to like the stroller when James is in it, though, lol!!  But still getting out and getting fresh air, and walking while wearing your baby will definitely get your heart pumping, especially keeping up with your toddler if you have more than one child.

6.  Find an activity that your toddler can do while you workout at home.

This takes some investment at home to have some home equipment (be on the lookout for a list of everything we have at our home gym).  But even if you have just a few items, you can do something!  A lot of the workouts that I post require minimal equipment.  I'll give Little K an activity, and bring Baby James' activity pad down to the gym, and they will typically both be happy for about 20 minutes, which is perfect!!!  Something is better than nothing!!

7. Blast some music and dance!

This is one of our favorite activities!  Definitely play something that your toddler enjoys, and start jumping around.  Throw in some lunges and squats when you can, and everyone is happy!!! Talk about bringing everyone's mood up while doing this, not to mention, tiring your toddler out!!  My friend Karen loves to do Zumba with her kiddos.  How fun!!!  I'm not sure if they have videos out for this, but that would be tons of fun to do together!!!

8.  Join a Mommy and Me class.

There are quite a few different mommy and me classes.  Search for a local yoga class, and one of my favs, Stroller Strides.  This is a great way to get out of the house, and meet other moms, as well as get a great workout in!! Mommy is happy, and so is baby, or toddler!!!  It's a win-win!!

9.  Grab a fellow Mommy friend to help out with the kids.

Make a day of it, take turns working out, and helping out with the kiddos.  The kids get to have a fun play date and both moms get a break and a chance to break a sweat!!!  Have lunch together afterwards together so you can visit with your friend.  What a fun way to get some socializing done, as well as a little me time!!

10.  Make it happen, and lose the guilt.

This is the biggest one, no matter how you make it happen, DO NOT feel bad about taking time for yourself.  You need this in so many ways.  Your children need it as a role model.  You need it for health reasons, and mindset reasons.  This is something I have to constantly remind myself of.  I don't know about you, but I'm a much happier person when I get a good sweat session in.

FYI the fabulous pants that I am wearing in these photos are on sale!! I got them in a few patterns!!!  LOVE THEM!!!!!

Do you have a special way that you get your workouts in?  Leave me a comment!!  It's great to hear how everyone incorporates this into their family!