Booty Burn Workout

Just finished this booty workout and wanted to share with all of you!!  Trying to get rid of my mom butt that happened over the course of my pregnancy!!! Squat (LOW) Pendulum lungeSquat_clean and press _ jump squatDeadliftJack to lunge

Some side notes:

  • Make sure you are getting super low when you squat--like really low!! That is what helps the booty lift!!
  • I added 50 shoulder presses in between the sets just to get an extra shoulder workout
  • Super set the workouts combined together with about 30 second rest in between
  • This should be a quick workout--I did this, then went for a hike outside with the family

Here is a video below of the squat / clean and press / jump squat. I had a little cheerleader the whole time 😊  I would love to hear if you liked having the video with it as well!

I would love to hear what you thought of this workout!  Send this to a friend or do this workout together!! 



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