How many times have you heard these stories??

  • I got a diagnosis so I turned my health around.

  • I caught my husband talking to another woman so I started to pay attention to him.

  • I couldn’t pay my mortgage so I stopped spending money on things I don’t need.

  • The pain I was feeling while I exercised turned into a stress fracture so I had to stop working out.

These are just some examples of how we ignore the whispers or the feathers in life. I’ve heard it put in so many different terms, but man if you’ve been through a crisis, no matter big or small, you can certainly retrace the whispers (or the I should have listened then) of the situation. I’ve heard this explained in another way of a feather hits you, a little nudge, then a car, and if you don’t listen to that, it becomes an all out mack truck coming for you and you really have no choice.

But what if we stopped waiting for the crisis and listened to the whispers?

What does that look like?

It’s called waking the f up and seeing the areas in life that we are numbing. And yes, we are all guilty of this in some sort of way.

If we are constantly numbing our lives it is very difficult to see. Most of the time it is something that scares the daylights out of us to actually see. I get it. No one is perfect, and most of us have little ways of numbing everyday. But the more we are present, the more we pay attention when we are living, the more aware we become of the whispers.

What does numbing look like? It can look like so many things, but here is a list (there are certainly more that we could add, but you get the point—any of these in excess)

  • watching too much tv

  • scrolling your phone whenever there is a space in time

  • drinking alcohol in excess

  • overeating

  • over exercising

  • over spending or shopping

You get it, right??

We all do most of these to some extent but when they become too much or too big and we can’t clearly see our life anymore, that is when we need to reign it back in.

So what do we do instead?

It’s simple but certainly not easy. If this is something that is new to you, a life coach or a therapist would be a great place to start as none of this work is easy. It’s the same as working out. If you have never done it, you can certainly show up at a gym and workout. But the problem is you might do more damage than good or you might be working on something you don’t need to. It will certainly take longer to get results than if you worked with a trainer. Diving deep into our patterns, habits, and thought process will bring up some deep stuff. Sorting through it isn’t always easy, but it is so worth it.

Journaling, reflecting, meditating, EFT(emotional freedom technique), yoga, movement, walking in nature without your phone. I could go on and on. If you don’t have my list of 31 tips to shift your energy. CLICK HERE

You guys!!! We will keep getting the lesson over and over again until we finally hear it and pay attention.

What is your whispers looking like right now?

Sending so much love,



You were placed here for a reason.