What the F word means to me

And no, I don’t mean the “naughty” word as my kids would say. Forgiveness is what I’m talking about.

It seems so simple, but yet so defeating. Letting things go and forgiving others and ourselves is so much deeper than we realize.

When we hold on to anger, resentment etc it festers in our body much more than we even know. In fact, if you haven’t watched the documentary Heal, watch it. It is definitely one of those mind blowing movies.

But what does forgiveness actually mean? And how do we do it when we are hurting inside.

If someone did something that hurt you or someone else, how do you forgive that person?

Does it mean that you accept them back into your life and love them anyways?

My answer to this is NO.

Forgiveness means understanding that no one is perfect. People’s actions stem from a misbelief in themselves or something that tragically happened to them that they just can’t get over.

Forgiveness looks like loving yourself enough to choose a different path.

It means you can understand that we are all a child of God and we are all someone’s son or daughter.

But here’s the kicker.

It doesn’t always mean welcoming them back with open arms.

Forgiveness, my friend, is an act of love for yourself.

Sending so much LOVE,