Where Will You Be in 16 Weeks??

IMG_2249 This is the big question.  So I have to say that after having Little K, the weight fell off of me extremely quick.  It did take a while to get toned etc, but I lost the weight in a couple of weeks after having her.  This time around, not so much.  It is a lot more difficult the second time around, that's for sure!!  I definitely need to step up my diet and nutrition as well as my training.  It's all a work in progress, but I know I can do better.

So what better way to do this than to do it with a group, where we all hold each other accountable?  My friends and I, mostly fellow mommies, are going to start up a 16 week challenge with each other to get in the best shape possible.

This will land us right in the middle of June, which is perfect timing for the summer!!!

I'm all about working out efficiently and making my nutrition plan as easy and convenient as possible, which is what we will be sharing during the 16 week challenge.

Taking your body to the next level requires a goal of some sorts, with a definitive date.  And let me tell you, it so much better doing this together with others! That way when you are feeling completely unmotivated, the rest of the team can pick you up!  Keeping each other accountable for our goals is key to success, and this is what we will be doing for each other!!  I'm completely pumped up for it and can't wait to share my after pictures in 16 weeks!

The more the merrier to join us in this journey!

What will we be doing on this 16 week journey??  We won't be perfect, that's for sure, but we will be pushing ourselves to stay on the 80/20 track (stay on plan 80% of the time :)  When we are on a body transformation journey, it is so important to have the support you need, and to know you are not alone!  I know I'm ready to make this change, and ready to help as many on the way.  16 weeks is enough time to learn how to continue this as a lifestyle, and not as just a diet!  Success is awaiting!!  For more information about how to be a part of this 16 week challenge, email me at rachelpinkchecklist@gmail.com