A Mug That Won't Fall Over

IMG_2273 Seriously, I could have used this amazing mug about 6 months ago, when I was working outside during my afternoon coffee boost.  I was enjoying the rays of sunlight, when all of the sudden, of course, like slow motion, I poured a whole cup of coffee on my laptop!!  Yes, I sure did!!  I immediately took steps to make sure I didn't forever ruin it, but the keys are definitely still sticky!  So needless to say, I was thrilled when asked to do a review on this new mug, that doesn't spill!


I have to say I was a little doubtful before I got this mug, but to my surprise, this mug definitely DOES NOT fall over!!!  Let me say, this is now the mug that I use when I have coffee around my computer or any where near my wild and crazy 3 year old!!  (I wonder if they are considering making wine glasses too, as that would be extremely helpful!!!)

The mug does have to be placed on a flat surface, in order to work properly.  When you put any pressure on the side of the cup, it activates the suction chamber that was built into the bottom of the cup.  When you pick it up to drink it, the suction is no longer there and gently picks up.

I wish I had this mug last summer, but now I know I will never have the problem again.  This mug definitely will not fall over!!!!

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Have you ever tried the might mug??  Have you had an incident like me where you spilled coffee or some other liquid on your computer??  Can't wait to hear what you all think of this product!!