ToxicFree Home(1) I'm so excited to be starting this series!  I was chatting with my neighbor about how overwhelming it is once you realize that so many of the products in your house are full of toxins.  Where do you start??  You can't throw out every product, and it just seems like too much to handle as all of these articles are popping up on your Facebook newsfeed saying that this product causes cancer, or this product has some sort of hidden chemical that you had no idea about.  It gets to be too much.  It makes you feel like everything you touch or ingest is bad for you--even the products you thought were toxic free!

So I have been slowly taking part in this process for I would say a little over 5 years.  It all started when I was trying to conceive and it was more difficult than I thought.  I decided to go more of the natural route as I didn't seem to be getting to the root of the problem through my OBGYN.  I met my fabulous Naturopathic Doctor that has completely shifted and changed my life for the better.  Since I have been working with her, I have slowly changed over to living a more organic life.  Am I completely organic, NO!  But as I went through the food, the products, the cleaners, etc.  I slowly started reading more labels and removing as much toxins out of our house as possible.  See how I say as much as possible??  It's not an all or nothing deal.  If you changed over, say, your laundry detergent, but still had dryer sheets with fragrance, or other chemicals, it is much better than keeping both toxic!  It's all about what works for you and what works for your budget.  It can definitely be done over time.

Not everything organic or toxic free has to be expensive!  Now, let me be the first to tell you that I am not your DIY girl!  I will not be making my own makeup and lotion, although it intrigues me and I wish I was more of DIY girl--it's just not me!  I have made some of my products, but that's only if it's not time consuming.  I don't have days to spend on making something, I would rather find an organic brand  that I know and trust.  With that being said, I have tried a lot of brands, and let's face it, sometimes the organic brands don't work as well.  I have had to go through a few different brands or companies to find what works best.  I'm always on the hunt for a good quality organic brand that won't break the bank.  I have made a few products that I like and continue to make, but most of them I buy.

I'm excited to start sharing the different products that I use, and what works for me and my family!

I would love to hear what you are interested in hearing about first!! What products are you looking to change over to toxic-free??  Is there something that you just can't find that works the same??  Comment below and let me know!!!!



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