Are you a fountain or a drain I saw this quote and found it perfect for this topic.  Are you a fountain or a drain?  Especially when it comes to other moms.  It is a great question to ask yourself when you are in the mix of a conversation or a thought process.  Are you being a fountain or drain right now?  There will always be a constant tug of war between working moms/non-working moms, breastfeeding moms/formula feeding moms, and I could go on.  Wherever you come from, we are all moms that are doing the best we can to survive and keep our family fed, safe, clean, etc.  Some have it easier than others.  But is it ok to judge other moms??  Some moms are able to stay home with their children with no financial burden to their family, and some stay home and sacrifice material items to be home with them.  Some moms have to go to work to support their families, and  some find other ways to make an income at home so their schedule is flexible with naps and bedtime.  Whatever works for one is not what works for everyone.  But what we all need to do here is stop thinking that the way we do something with our families is the way everyone should.  Stop judging!!!!

My question is, "are you a mom that is constantly talking about other moms and what they are doing with their lives?"  Yes, we are not all perfect and get sucked in to comparing ourselves to others, some even put down other moms to make themselves feel better.  I am a big fan of positive thinking, and although I have to be pulled out of my negative thinking sometimes, I find my life is so much happier when I don't concern myself with comparing or worrying about what others are doing.  Half of the time, we don't "see" what other moms really go through day to day!  With social media highlighting only the "perfect" times, it's easy to be disillusioned!   No one knows what that mother had to endure the night before or that morning, so forgive her.  None of us know what the other mom is going through so we all have to stop making judgements and support each other for getting through one of the toughest jobs!!!

You see, there is so much negativity going on in this world, why waste your precious time worrying about what others are doing?  Are you someone that puts a lot of effort into putting others down, or do you try to lift up others?  Yes, we all like to think we are positive people, but when it boils down to it, are you cheering others on, or are you putting them down?  I have to ask myself this often.  I have been doing a lot of self work through reading books such as Gabby Bernstein's May Cause Happiness, and The Four Agreements, which I just re-read.  These books help put everything into perspective and force you to look at the other side of things.  We might not understand what everyone is going through, but the truth is we are all looking to survive in some sort of way.  Some of us are able to do it easier than others, but we need to try putting effort into what we love, and the people we love instead of talking about people around us.  You will find that you will sleep better at night, you will feel a sense of happiness, you will have time to put into your family and what you love in life.  You will find a sense of peace come over you.  We are all humans and we all mess up sometimes.  I consider myself a constant work in progress ;)

How do you overcome the negativity? 



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