Toddler Summer Clothes and a Big Milestone!!

Seriously!  The stuff I am finding for Little K right now I am obsessed with!!  Adorable and affordable--my two favorite qualities!!  See the details below of this outfit!!! IMG_8633 IMG_8644 IMG_8646 IMG_8654 IMG_8657 IMG_8665

Peplum Top



On another note, we are in summer full force!!!  My first mission this summer was potty training, well, let's just say that didn't go so well!!  Before our 2nd baby comes, my mission is to get her potty trained and to some how get rid of the paci!  Well after trying to potty train for the first week, feeling like quite a failure as a mom, something miraculous happened!!!  We were winding down the night after a lot of running around and playing, and none of us could find Kiki and Baby (her two fav blankets) and paci.  Jimmy and I searched and searched for them but honestly could not find them!  Luckily we have back up kiki and baby, but did not have a backup paci.  So needless to say, we were forced to give up paci!  We are going on our 3rd night and so far so good!  The only drawback is that she talks until about 9:30 at night now before she falls asleep.  I'm hoping this is just a transition for her and she goes back to falling asleep at 8.

So many moms told me, all of this will happen when she is ready and when the time is right.  I'm so impatient, but I should learn to listen to the experienced Mommy's.  They know best!!  I'm actually more proud of myself for not giving in, because of course we found paci!  So lesson learned, I will wait until the time is right for potty training, and not try to force it on her.  Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!!!



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