My BFF just had the most adorable little girl!!!  I am beyond excited for her!!!  Of course we all buy adorable baby clothes and gifts, but it's nice to get a New Mommy Gift!!  I was thinking of the things that I really enjoyed right after having Little K.  I can remember as soon as I had her, I absolutely refused to wear maternity clothes.  I knew if I did, it would only keep me from focusing on making the right choices.  When you are a new mommy, leaving home is not too often, but dressing like a scrub (although it definitely happened a lot) is not what we want.  That is when I realized that these pants, were and still are my favorite lounge pants.  They definitely are extremely comfortable but not sloppy looking!!  

Even if you aren't a new Mommy, these pants are a must have for comfort!!!  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!!!



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