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Pizza Anyone??

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Pizza Anyone??
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I'm going on almost 6 years since I started my journey to gluten free life. When I first went gluten free, I didn't fully get rid of it (with the exception of when I was doing a candida cleanse.)  After I would do something similar to what I used to call cheat days, but one day a week I called it my gluten day, LOL!  Yes, a day where I could feel "normal."  whatever that means!  Until a couple years ago, I really learned how my body reacted to gluten and I realized that gluten made me feel like complete poo.  I started to realize that even when I had it once a week it really made me feel that bad that I just ended up cutting it out completely and avoiding it at all costs!  I felt so much better this way. 

Until recently--I started to test the waters.  I was sick of being the pain in the butt when I was with people.  I was sick of not being able to eat like everyone else, and more importantly I really didn't want to make anyone uncomfortable with my choices or feel like I was burdening anyone.  So many gathering are based on pizza--and believe me, I get it!  Birthday parties, etc--it is the easiest way to please everyone and not stress out!

So after several weekends of having regular pizza-I literally paid for it for the first couple of days of the week.  It's actually crazy to even type this, but I was putting my health and well-being aside to not make others feel uncomfortable with my choices, or being a pain. Which I know is a common theme in many of our lives, but seriously, if it makes you feel awful, don't eat it to make others happy!  For some of us, it's such a difficult concept to grasp while in the moment. 

You guys, how many times do you do this--Go with the crowd even if it isn't something that you want, enjoy, or feel good from??

I know so many of you can relate to this, or find that you do something similar in your day to day, but MAMAs it's time we stand up for our wants, desires, and well being in order to live the life that we desire. 

Some of your decisions will make others feel uncomfortable.  Some of your decisions won't always align with others, but if you know truly what makes you feel good, no matter if it's food, activity, or conversation--it's time you put yourself first and stop worrying about those around you. 

You are worth it Mama! 

AND!!!!  Your children deserve to see their Mama standing up for what is right in your life.  For listening to your body and mind and making choices that make you feel good!  Imagine the message we can send our children when they see us tuning in and doing what is right for us as individuals! 

The point is, you will never make everyone happy.   Someone will always have something negative to say about something you are doing.  But if you truly know that you are making the decision for the well being of yourself--then in turn it is really is a decision for the well being of your family. 

Yup, happy wife, happy life!!! LOL!! 

But really, mama, we drive our household's mood.  We are the core of our families, and it's up to us to make decisions that make us a better person, not the decision that make others feel comfortable. So if it makes you feel like crap, don't do it!!

PS  I haven't been doing a lot of posts about my current obsessions, so I decided I would include them at the end of my posts!  I just bought this hoodie, and I'm OBSESSED!!  Perfect non-frumpy hoodie!! 

Much Love,

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