5 Minute Leg Workout
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Let's face it--sometimes there really just isn't time to even just get in a 20-30 minute workout.  I have been creating these 5 minute workouts.  (click here for the 5 minute arm workout) They are great to have on hand when you really are short on time, but want to get some sort of movement in!!  Because we all know that sometimes we just need to move our body to change our state and become The Happier Mom that we are all striving for!

Here is the link to the exercise bands that I use!! 

I love having these on hand, and they're great to take on vacation!! 

So now's the time to get up and get moving!  Grab your exercise band and stick with me for 5 minutes.  You will be thankful you did!!  You never know!  You might want to keep moving after this!!  Right this moment is a perfect time to get back into the groove and do something for your happier, healthier self!! 

Much Love,

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