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My Life is Perfect

Rachel IbbisonComment
My Life is Perfect
Photography by Sarah Renzoni

Photography by Sarah Renzoni

Sounds amazing, right??  The Happier Mom, she must always put a smile on and never lose it!  She must never raise her voice at her children, or feel like giving up, right??  She is always happy, and never feels bad about herself, right?? 


Anyone that says they are this way, I've got big news for you, THEY ARE LYING!!!

We all battle with negative self talk, self doubt, fear of the unknown, being frustrated with our children, or plain old feeling down! 

It's natural! 

We are all humans and having this self doubt is completely normal!  With that said, there are ways to quickly come out of it, or to recognize it for what it is. 

The difference at The Happier Mom is we are working towards turning the corner faster, doing things that can help us, working on our mindset, having daily rituals that can make us more present, and less frustrated with our children. 

There is no such thing as perfection.  If you think that someone else's life is perfect from watching them on social media, or from afar think twice my sister friend!  We don't share the dirty stuff!  We don't share the lows while their happening.  It's not because we are putting on the facade that our life is perfect, it's because no one wants to air their dirty laundry, for good reason!

We are all perfectly imperfect.  I struggle with staying calm while my 4 old doesn't listen to me, staying patient while my son is up for hours in the middle of the night, my marriage is far from perfect, I struggle with negative self talk, I struggle with self doubt.  I could go on and on.  The key here is to recognize it for what it is.  We feel it, and we are aware that these are illusions.  We have tasks that work on changing our thoughts and realizing that most of the time they are made up.  We have rituals that help us change our mindset, and focus on what is really important. 

We are constantly changing and learning what works and what doesn't. 

This isn't the perfect life.

It's the conscious life. 

Become aware or what's reality.  

Become aware of the story you are telling yourself. 

And if for one second you think someone else's life is perfect, think again.  Everyone has struggles.  Some live in their struggles, and some have the proper tools to get out of that struggle quicker than others.  Learn the tools!  Join the fun! 

Much Love,