Rachel Ibbison

10 Reasons You Aren't Succeeding At Your Health Resolutions

Rachel Ibbison
10 Reasons You Aren't Succeeding At Your Health Resolutions

I couldn't help but think to myself, while watching everyone around me diving deep into their health goals most of them are complaining all ready about how much they don't like what they are doing.  It's no wonder so many people end up giving up on their resolution to losing weight or getting healthy.  I'm not a negative person, or let me re-phrase that--I work really hard to stay positive.  There are so many giveaways that I wish I could get through to people and help them understand why it isn't working!   Here are my top reasons why you aren't succeeding

1. You are miserable.

If you find yourself hating what you are doing, then chances are you aren't going to continue.  It's been a long process for me to get to where I am.  I can remember being so strict during the week and counting the moments until I had my "cheat meal."  This quite often would turn into about 5 meals in one sitting.

Fast forward a couple of years, and I don't even really have cheat meals anymore.  I've moved more into treats here and there and bites here and there.  You guys, bad food makes you feel like poo!!!!  It makes me lazy, it makes my stomach hurt, and it completely demotivates me!  Does that mean I'm perfect all of the time??? Not at all, but I don't completely binge anymore.  Eating healthy is a reward, my friends!  If you hate what you are doing and complain about it, it's time to try something new.  Being healthy doesn't have to suck.

If you find yourself complaining all of the time about what you are doing, time to try something that you can enjoy!!!!!!!!!!  You won't continue if you are miserable!

2.  You aren't enjoying the foods that you are eating.

Eating healthy definitely doesn't mean your food has to taste awful.  Yes, you might have to retrain your body if you are eating a lot of junk food.  If you don't like what you are eating, then why would you eat it???  Use fun spices to make your food tasty.  Try new ways of cooking.  Roasted vegetables to me are so much better than steamed vegetables.  You have to play around with your recipes.  You can even make your favorite cheat meal into a healthy recipe!!

Healthy food doesn't equal bland!!

3.  You do very little self reflection.

If you find yourself hopping from program to program, this might be your culprit.  You need to dig deep.  You need to understand what is going on with your thinking and why you aren't able to stick to a plan.  Do you find you go to food when you are stressed??  If so, then we need to replace it.  Or do you self sabotage??  Losing weight or getting fit is so much more than losing weight and getting fit.  It's a lot of self work.  I didn't get comfortable in my own skin until I became more mindful and aware of myself and my thoughts.  You guys, it's not just about losing weight.  It's taking your awareness and mind to another level.

Be aware of your behavior and thought patterns.

4.  You have the all or nothing approach.

This is a biggie.  You need to ditch this immediately, especially if you are a mom, or a parent.  I used to be the girl, that if I had anything off plan, then my whole day would fall apart.  I would spiral into a food frenzy.  Now I have a treat and move on.  Why ruin your whole day??  A couple of pieces of chocolate won't hurt your plan, a couple of pieces of dark chocolate plus a couple handfuls of chips, and some ice cream all in one day, will hurt your plan.  Enjoy your treats and get right back on to your plan.

This goes for workouts too.  I used to only workout if I have a whole hour to do it.  I'm lucky if I even workout for an hour now.  If I have 20 minutes, then I make the most of those 20 minutes.  If I don't get to all of it, that's ok!  Something is better than nothing.

Ditch the all or nothing approach. 

5.  You're only going to do this for a month.

If you aren't committed, then sorry, going back to your former lifestyle isn't going to work!  I hear this all the time!!!  I can do this for a month, but WAIT A MINUTE, what happens after a month?? It takes continual work. It's a lifestyle change, people!  You cannot go back to what you were doing!  If you do, you will go right back to where you were, or sorry to say, get even worse!  Do you want to feel better??  Feel less bloated??  Feel comfortable in your own skin?? You have to make these changes, and commit!

You have to change your lifestyle in order to have lasting results. 

6.  You use food or alcohol as a reward.

You guys, this is the worst idea!  DO not, I repeat, DO not workout and say you can eat whatever you want because you worked out!  You are defeating the purpose, never mind counteracting what you just did! Use other rewards like clothing, makeup, or a good book!

Reward yourself with non caloric items, or activities. 

7.  You aren't gentle with yourself.

If you are putting too much pressure on yourself and not giving yourself some room to make some mistakes.  Chances are you are going to burn out.  We are all human.  No one is perfect.  You need to cut yourself some slack and just keep going.  Perfection is an illusion.

Perfection is unattainable. 

8.   You aren't asking yourself will this decision bring me happiness tomorrow.

Before you go to have that alcoholic beverage during the week, or extra slice of cake, you know it will make you happy in the moment, but

will it make you happy tomorrow???

Before every choice you make, ask yourself if you go for it, will that decision still make your happy tomorrow. It's a game changer.  Don't get sucked in to instant gratification!  We need to focus more on long term happiness than short term.  Making the choice to have a few bites of a cake, or small piece, instead of a second serving, will bring you more joy the next day.  Think about it.  The key is becoming more aware of your choices in the moment.

Become conscious of long-term happiness.  Will this choice still make you happy tomorrow.

9.  You fail to plan.

This is a biggie.  You have to plan, or it will be very difficult to stay on track.  Map out your workouts.  Plan out your meals for the week.  Know when you are going out to dinner so you can save your glass of wine for then, or you dessert for then.  You have to look at your week ahead and make a schedule.  Will it be perfect??  NO, but you will be much more successful than just going with the flow.  Mind over matter.  If we know it has to get done at that time, or you will miss your workout, you will push yourself to make it happen!  If your meals are prepped, and you're starving, you will be more successful than if you had nothing planned and you just started grabbing food in the fridge.

Map out your week for more success.

10.  You haven't enrolled in a community or an accountability partner.

I mentioned this in my previous blog post.  Mine is my hubby, but I also have a few communities I am a part of for health and fitness. Yes, I'm a coach, but I need a coach too!  We need to have like minded people around us, supporting us, and cheering us on.  We also need someone that we check in with, that we report to about how our we are doing.  We need to be held accountable, especially at the beginning as we are changing our lifestyle.  It's not easy, my friends, but it's a lot easier doing it with others, and having a coach to trouble shoot. Everyone is different, and one program will not work for everyone, find what works for you!!

Surround yourself with like-minded friends!

So much goes into living a healthy lifestyle.  Yes, you need to eat right, exercise, sleep, reduce stress, and drink plenty of water.  These 10 reasons are more mindset.  These 10 strategies will help you keep in check to attain your healthy lifestyle goals for good!!

Much Love,