A little glimpse into my shopping carts

Do you do this??  I guess it's in replace of going to the mall and shopping, but I'm definitely known for online shopping and filling my carts everywhere and not actually hitting purchase.  There are times that I do this, then go back to order what I had in my cart, only to find that they are SOLD OUT!!! :(  I remember that happening with a Peek coat for Kensie this fall, and it was one of those have to have items, that would have been so adorable.  I recently purchased this romper, which I learned my lesson and ordered it right away because these adorable clothes don't last long.   Seriously can't wait until spring time for her to wear this!!! Screen Shot 2015-02-11 at 5.43.48 AM

And I found these sandals to go with it for the summer.  I'm a big fan of getting either silver or gold for her, so they go with anything.  Her feet grow too fast to have too many pairs of shoes.


Of course I actually bought the clothes for Little K, but these items I'm still waiting to pull the plug on :)