How to Stop Procrastinating Your Workouts--or really anything

We're all guilty of it.  Procrastination has always been a strength of mine, unfortunately, but once I became a mom, procrastination got a little more difficult. The small windows that we have to get our tasks done are limited.  If I procrastinate, it doesn't get done.  Our handheld devices are so amazing in so many ways, but man are they a time sucker!  And they are perfect for when you want to procrastinate your workout.  We all of the sudden get lost in that black hole of mindless scrolling and boom the time is gone. 

I have a compiled a list of my tricks to getting rid of procrastination all together. 

1.  Turn your phone on airplane mode.

This one is huge.  I have recently started doing this at night.  Before I go to bed, my phone goes on airplane mode.   One, I sleep with my phone next to me, so the radiation from it is not something we want right next to our head all night every night.  Two, if my kids wake up in the middle of the night and I check my phone for the time, there is no chance that I would see a text message that could possibly keep me up the rest of the night.  Three, I wake up in the morning and workout, so going on my phone is not an option because I tend to not turn my phone off airplane mode (unless I am sharing my workout on instastories) until after my workout.  But really, once your workout is scheduled switch it to airplane mode--now your phone can no longer serve as your stalling buddy. 

2.  Tell someone that you are going to workout.

Accountability is where it is at!  Once you put it out there, it's harder to not commit.  I know some of you get annoyed with social media posts, but hey, if it helps them stick with a plan, go for it!!  Tell your significant other about your workout.  Tell them your goals.  Not wanting to go back on your word will make you get up and go!! 

3.  Plan a workout date with a friend.

Find a class that looks like fun, and ask one of your friends to go with you!  You will have the commitment with someone, and the time will be set in stone!  Or better yet, plan to meet them at the gym to workout together.  Make a promise to each other that you are going to focus on the workout and get it done! 

4.  Hire a coach or join a workout team.

This is a huge push in your toosh!  If you are feeling like you are constantly procrastinating having a coach that you have to check in with to report back to how your week went is huge!  This will certainly help you stay on task and make it happen!  If a 1:1 coach seems like too much, join a team that is all on the same mission as you!  You can do it together!  Even if it's an online group, you will have others to motivate each other, and to go through the tough stuff together!  We are always more successful as a team!  You can pick each other up when you are having a tough time!! 

5. Do it first thing in the morning before your day starts.

This is exactly what I do!  It's saved me!!  Lord knows, that when I have to workout in the afternoon, I can come up with a million excuses as to why I can't!  For me, it's that much easier to procrastinate.  Morning workouts are where it's at!  Plus, there is nothing better than starting your work day knowing that you had a killer workout!! 

6. Promise yourself that you'll workout for 5 minutes.

Trick yourself!  This always works.  Just get up and go.  Start working out and tell yourself just for 5 minutes.  More than likely after the 5 minutes is up, you'll keep going.  Once you get into it, you won't want to stop!! 

7.  Don't look at the big picture, focus on how you'll feel when it's done. 

When we sit down and look at the big picture.  Our big goals, it can be quite overwhelming and we can completely shut down.  Think about how you are going to feel once you are done with the workout.  Focus on that and only that.  It can feel like such a long road, but we know that the small steps we take daily will get us there.  In the meantime, soak up that goodness feeling we get once we finished the workout.  That will get you going!!!!

8.  Use the 5 second rule.

If you haven't read this book, The 5 Second Rule get it now!  Mel Robbins is brilliant, and it will completely change your life!  This book has completely helped me get off my butt and started so many tasks, including working out when I don't feel like it!!! 

9.  Make it convenient.

It doesn't have to be so hard.  Sometimes that extra drive to and from the gym, can force you into full procrastination mode.  Depending on where your gym is, this can suck up over 30 minutes of your day.  To me, at this time in my life, I can't justify using that much time to drive to the gym.  I sure do miss being around everyone and seeing the same faces as we all work towards our goals!  So for now, all I have to go to is walk down the stairs to our gym, and it's all there ready to go.  You don't need a ton of exercise equipment.  See what I suggest you start off with here

10.  Do what sounds like the most fun.

And this one is everything.  I do admit that I like to follow a schedule, but there are times when I'm just not feeling it.  There are times where I just want someone to tell me what to do so I pop a dvd player in.  There are times when I know I need an energy and mood boost, so I blast music and dance.  There are also days when I feel like crud and I decide to do some sun salutations.  Listen to your intuition and do what sounds like fun!  Most of the time for me, lifting sounds like fun!  I much more prefer that over cardio any day! 

How do you stop from procrastinating?? 

Much Love,

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