The Happier Mom Emergence

Have you felt overwhelmed as a mother, like there is just too much to do, not enough time, and like everything is spiraling around you??  Like the thought of taking on anything more on your plate is just not possible??  I used to feel this way daily, so I know what it feels like.  Some days we want to just throw in the towel.  I was sick of feeling this way and have found easier mom hacks to continue to work on being happier in the moment, not getting overwhelmed as a mother, and finding quick ways to take care of myself to start becoming a happier mom.  I'm excited to be creating a community of moms that want more in life, that are searching for their happier mom life.  It's so easy to just forget about ourselves, especially when our children are little, but that doesn't serve anyone, and makes for a cycle of feeling unhappy inside.

When I look at this picture, to me it expresses pure happiness. Living in the moment is my number one goal each day. I had no idea my hubby was taking pictures. There was a lot going on in our families' life at this time where I would have typically let it completely get to me and froze with anxiety. But I didn't and instead I asked myself, what would make me happy right now? In this moment we ran out into the pouring rain and jumped in puddles. It was the most fun we had in a long time.

Motherhood is so stressful and it can be so easy to let it all come crashing down at moments. Unfortunately, or fortunately we have an audience, so giving up is not an option. Giving up on ourselves, or our family can not happen.  Creating this movement of moms that desire more and that want to constantly work on being happier is going to help us all stay connected and feel supported.

If this is something that resonates with you or something you strive for, click this link and join our community of moms where we share our secrets, triumphs, and struggles to being a happier mom.  We are not striving for perfection in this community, we are striving to not give up on ourselves and to support each other through this journey of motherhood.

Who this movement is for:

  • moms that desire more
  • moms that want to learn from each other
  • moms that support other moms
  • moms that are looking for new ways to make their journey of motherhood easier
  • moms that are looking to connect with like-minded positive moms

Who this movement is not for:

  • moms that judge one another
  • moms that bring each other down

I'm so excited for you to join, and be a part of this movement!!  Let's join hands together and help each other out through the most difficult and rewarding job we will ever have!!!  It's so much better together <3