February Fashion Budget

My friends, I found some pretty fabulous finds this month and I'm so excited to share with you!!!  Here is my favorite! 

I found this vest at a boutique nearby.  I purchased the pink shawl, but let me tell you, it was more expensive than this one that I found on Amazon!  I will definitely be purchasing more of these!  You can wear them three different ways, and they are extremely flattering!  Next on my list will be the mint color! 

I'm loving all of the items I purchased this passed month. 

That dusty rose color is everything to me right now.  The boots I have been watching for quite some time, and couldn't believe the price I got!! $49!!!!!  The image makes them look bright, but they aren't very bright.  They are just as amazing in person.  The hoodie is a perfect hoodie that is a little nicer than the typical hoodies :)  THE PINK SHOES!!! OMG!  I'm in LOVE!!! 


So my total this month was under again!! Wahoo!  My total was $196!!  Not bad with a budget of $250.  All of these items definitely made me A Happier Mom! Let me know if you purchase any of these!  I'd love to see your outfits!! 

Much Love,