Happy Halloween everyone!!  Here is a little snippet of a few of my favorite purchases I have made over the passed few weeks.  This month has been crazy for me with Kensie's 2nd birthday and just life in general.  I'm learning to take it one step at a time, or sometimes one minute at a time.  Enjoy, and  happy shopping everyone!!! IMG_5577

I'm absolutely obsessed with this vest I found!  It is so versatile, and can totally change up an outfit! The one I bought is in black, but if you don't all ready have a green vest, definitely go with the spruce green!!

IMG_5578I love this new sweater dress we scored at target this weekend! This was taken in the morning when we had to take the trash out and I wanted to snap a cute picture of this dress.  Notice the look on her face??  Well right after this was taken, she ran for it....


And off she went to her playscape in the wet grass.  I'm sure the neighbors and cars driving by were getting a kick out of this, but I started chasing her because we had to leave.  Of course as soon as she sees me running after her, the game starts and she runs faster with a huge smile on her face.......until, she took a digger and was covered in mud and wet pants :(  So we went back inside, changed and off we went to start our day.


Oh, the many faces of little K.  These pants and this thermal were one of my favorite buys.  It looks so comfortable to play in, with a cute print :)  Here are the boots she is wearing.

Hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!!!  Thank you for taking to time to stop by!!

p.s. check out the new blanket scarf I just ordered in Autumn Tan Plaid--OBSESSED!!!!!!!