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My favorite way to drink coffee

Rachel IbbisonComment
My favorite way to drink coffee
dairy free vanilla creamer

So in the passed year I’ve discovered that I cannot process natural flavors, especially natural vanilla flavorings. So if you weren’t aware, companies can hide pretty much anything under this label of natural flavorings, which is usually a chemical, or a preservative of some sort. If I have anything with that ingredient, my face immediately breaks out. So when I realized that I could no longer have my favorite vanilla coconut creamer I was devastated and determined to find something that I could have! Here is what I have whipped up!

First I fill up a large mason jar of the coconut creamer pictured below:

homemade dairy free vanilla creamer

You can buy it at any grocery store. The mason jar holds just under 2 of these small containers, so if you are trying it, go for one container to start!

I then add:

2 TB of organic maple syrup

1 TB organic vanilla extract

1 tsp vanilla bean

I use these lids for the mason jar and shake the ingredients together. I have a french vanilla creamer for my coffee all week without all of the artificial stuff in it that wrecks havoc on my skin!

Let me know if you try it and share with your friends if you like it!!! Have a beautiful day!

Sending So Much Love,