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7 ways to ensure your 2019 health resolutions are here to stay!

Rachel Ibbison4 Comments
7 ways to ensure your 2019 health resolutions are here to stay!
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There is nothing I love more than  a clean slate, a fresh start, and a new found motivation to start something new. The energy is real, and we want to ride that wave for as long as we can. But what happens when we get bombarded by life? How do we make sure we don’t completely go the opposite way and sabotage our resolutions in the first month??

Here are 7 ways to ensure your 2019 health resolutions are here to stay!

  1. Go less extreme!

    Too many times I hear people say that they are going cut out a certain food group for good, no longer eat carbs, stop drinking alcohol all together, workout out for an hour every day, etc These are all great if you only ate a few carbs to begin with, drank once a month, worked out for 30 minutes daily etc. But friends, if you go too extreme right away you are setting yourself up for failure. And believe me, I learned this the hard way. You are going to rebound at some point.. Instead of going so extreme, try these: choose carbs that grow from the ground instead of processed carbs, limit your drinking to once a week, workout 5 time a week for 30 minutes (schedule in rest days!). And yes, you won’t see such drastic results right away, but wouldn’t you rather have results that last?!?!

  2. Pick just a few areas of your life to focus on!

    Don’t deprive yourself, friend, pick one area to focus on at a time without the thought of after these 30 days I am going to be done. There is no end date, friends, we have to make this work for the long run! If we pick too many areas to change at once it gets overwhelming and unrealistic. I look at my wheel of health weekly and see what’s lacking. There is always one area that doesn’t feel great so focus on that!

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  3. Find a tribe that has the same goals.

    Having a group of friends to lean on and support you through this is your key to success. Making lifestyle changes is never easy. Sometimes it’s changing a habit that you have had since childhood, which is no easy feat. So DONT DO IT ALONE!! Everything is so much more fun with friends, grab a few, check in with them, and set up times to get together!!

  4. Come up with a plan!

    There has to be a plan and we have to be prepared. Winging it will only set you up for failure. Having healthy choices to grab that are quick is helpful! Mapping out your workouts and your meal planning helps set yourself up for success too! Filling your plate with a ton of veggies and clean foods will fill you up enough to not need the other stuff! Bottom line, you have to have a plan of how you are going make this happen!

  5. Know that it isn’t going to be perfect!

    Listen, if you are going for all or nothing, you are going to feel like a failure. I’m a health and fitness coach and friends I eat cake , chips, and cookies! I say this not to make you feel bad but to make you realize that there was a time I didn’t have any of these and then went on an all out binge fest. All this did was one make me feel like complete poop, but two it did so much more damage to my body than necessary. When you deprive yourself of things, you are bound to go buck wild on it and make yourself sick. As I tell my daughter daily, there is no such thing as perfection. We can’t be perfect all of the time, we are all humans doing the best we can. Know that you will have some treats here and there and come up with a plan of how it will look. And more importantly come up with a plan of how you will get back on track your next meal!

  6. Focus on how you want to feel!

    Too often we focus on a number—a size, or a number on the scale, when we forget about why we are doing it in the first place. When we attach a feeling to it, it becomes much more meaningful than just a number.  Why are you trying to get healthy? To feel comfortable in your skin? To feel confident in your body? To feel more free? To feel healthy? Now, how can you feel that way right this very moment? What can you do today to feel this way? When we focus on the feeling we are looking for we are much more likely to accomplish and stick with our goals.

  7. Have fun!!!

    Listen friends, if you are miserable and hating life doing it, it’s not going to work. Find a way to make the meals taste good. Find a way to have fun while you workout! This should all be fun!!!! Remember, you are doing this to feel good!!!! If you feel terrible doing it and constantly complain, it’s not working for you!!

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