Rachel Ibbison

Accountability Partner--Why You Need One

Rachel Ibbison
Accountability Partner--Why You Need One

Do you have an accountability partner?? I didn't until recently. I used to workout at a gym every morning which felt like an accountability partner in it self. 

Ever since Little K was born so, about 4 years ago I started working out at home.

This meant I need to have complete discipline because no one was watching.

I don't have to finish my whole workout, and I can honestly stop whenever I feel like it. No one would know except myself! 

This is totally different when going to a gym.  You can't just go in and workout for 10 minutes and leave.  Well, you could, but that would be silly!

I found myself getting really relaxed about my workouts and really not pushing myself to my potential.

Fast forward to having another child, and time is even more limited.  It is difficult to find the time for everything.  Your children, your workouts, and never mind spending time with your hubby! I have always been a morning workout person.  My body is just wired that way, so night times are tough for me.  Come 8 and I'm done.  If I sit down or lay down on the couch, I'm out for the count.

My hubby and I met with fitness being something we had in common and that we really enjoyed doing together.  A couple months ago, we were lucky to say two sentences to each other without being interrupted.

So, after complaining that we never have time for each other etc, we decided to take action and enrolled each other as our accountability partners!!

He started joining me for my morning workouts. Let me tell you, my workouts are so much better.  I'm pushing myself harder in my workouts.  I find myself getting up when I don't want to because I don't want to let him down. And bonus--we get to have full conversations without being interrupted!  We win on so many levels, but most of all we have that connection again.  We plan our workouts at night and we discuss how sore we are from the different workouts.

Marriage is hard.

Marriage is work.

Marriage is especially hard when you add children to the mix.

It's hard to find the time for everything.

If you are an avid reader of my blog, my guess is that your health is pretty important to you.  So why not mix the two?  Workout and have some one on one time with your hubby.  This is so much better than spending time in front of the television.

Don't get me wrong, it is not all roses over here, but we are constantly working and consciously making the effort to be better.

I challenge you to set up a time to workout with your hubby.  Even if it's one day a week.  We wake up at 4:00 or 4:15 about 4 days a week to get our workouts in. That's what works for us. You might decide to workout together in the evening when the kids go to bed if you are a night person. For me, it just feels so good to be done with my workout before my day has even started. 

Challenge each other.  It's a win all around.  You will be so glad you did it from a body stand point, a mental stand point, and a marriage standpoint.

Do you workout with your partner??  If not, I want to hear how you did this week! 

Much Love,