Rachel Ibbison

My Resolutions

Rachel Ibbison
My Resolutions

New Years Eve and New Years Day are always special in our household, as it's our wedding anniversary.  I love the feeling that a new year brings, and I love reminiscing back to our wedding day.  I cannot believe it was 11 years ago.

As we celebrate our anniversary, it's also a time to reflect on the passed year, and plan for the upcoming new year.  This year was a huge transition on many levels.  My personal growth was a major turning point.

The realizations and revelations I have made have given me a sense of being more grounded and more of a sense of who I am.

I have yet to really pin point all of my goals for 2017.  I like to look at all of the major sections of life and have a goal tied to each area.  Finances, personal growth, parenting, marriage, recreation, health or fitness, and contributions.  Jimmy and I will delve into this more to support each other in making these goals a reality.

It takes a ton of team work to support each other to still have time for our goals, while really focusing on our children and their needs.

I recently read The Desire Map, by Danielle LaPorte.  I highly recommend this book.  I've become acutely obsessed with her since reading her book!  It focuses on how you want to feel.

2017, I want to feel joyful.

With this I will focus on:

More love

More forgiving

More traveling

More being me

More girl connections

More laughter

More dreaming

More leaps of faith

More prayer

More FUN

With feeling joyful, I know that I need to be more gentle with myself.  So my mantra for 2017:

Be Gentle.

And this my friends is a little snippet into my planning for the year.  Lots of stuff on the horizon!!

First stop is moving this blog over to www.thehappiermom.com  It's been a long time in the making.

This is the year.

I don't know anyone that doesn't want to be a happier mom, better yet, a happier person.  Please join me in this endeavor and subscribe to get all the updates.

Don't worry, I will announce when the blog will officially move over to that site, but in the meantime, keep checking here for my weekly blog posts!!

What are your resolutions?  What is your mantra for the year?  Do you have a process of organizing your plans for the year??  I would love to hear everyone's process!!!

Much Love,