So glad you took to the time to visit the pink checklist blog!  I'm so excited to get this started.  My plans with this blog is to inspire women, especially Mommy's through fitness, nutrition, time-saver tips, products, fashion, makeup, and tips on staying positive.  My mission in life is to inspire Mommy's to not only be a great mom, but to feel good and look good in the process.  It can be done!!!!  I believe that Mom's can have it all--we just have to do it together and support each other through the process.  Everyday will not be perfect, in fact, there will be many days that feel like a failure.  We learn from those days and make the next day a better one. Pink Checklist significance, you ask??  Well of course, my favorite color is pink, and if you know me, you know my life consists of lists after lists.  My phone has check lists, every desk in my house has one.  You open a drawer in my house, and there probably is a check list in there.  My father once joked that he found a checklist in my room when I was little and at the bottom of the list read, "make a new checklist for tomorrow."  I have a lot going on, and that is the only way I remember what needs to get done.  The feeling of checking off something that I have accomplished is like no other.  And yes, if I accomplish something that wasn't on the list, I am guilty of writing it down, just to be able to check it off right away.

I hope you all take the time to subscribe to my blog and continue to check back.  I look forward to getting to know you all and welcome any recommendations for blog posts.