September Favorites

SeptemberI can't believe September has all ready come to an end!!! I will be posting some of my new "favorites" at the end of each month!!  Here they are!!

I'm always looking for natural or organic products, but sometimes the organic just doesn't work as well.  This lip crayon I am in LOVE with!!  The two colors that i bought are Niagara Overlook, and Carolina Coast.



Anybody with me that is OBSESSED with the Naked Urban Decay series???  The new Naked 2 Basics Palette I am almost in love as the first basic.  It has more berry shadows in them, which I love.  The basics ones are my favorite because they are matte and fit the everyday look without looking too done up.



I seriously can't get enough of these apple chips.  They are my answer to a late night snack!  They are GMO-free, no additives, no preservatives, and no sugar added.  The ingredients are apples and cinnamon--PURE DELICIOUSNESS!!!!!  I tried not to share them with Jimmy, but of course he tried them and now is stealing, I mean taking them.  I bought them in bulk on amazon, because first of all it's cheaper--I subscribed and saved them to my amazon mom account, and second of all I need a lot of them, because they are a HOT commodity in this household!!!



These new flats are my perfect answer to skinny pants and fall!!! I love them!  The color I purchased was cognac.  They took a couple of times of wearing them so my heel didn't hurt, but nothing a couple of band aids couldn't fix and now they are fine!!!



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