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Our beautiful little girl turned 2!  I was so incredibly excited and overwhelmed to plan Little K's birthday party!  We had such an amazing first birthday party, that I wasn't sure how we could top it!  Jimmy and I promised each other that it wouldn't be any bigger than her first, because the first was a special year.  Well, we started planning for it, and the list kept getting bigger and bigger!  And needless to say of course it was bigger.

We were very excited for this birthday as we knew that she would be more aware of what was going on.  As the date was getting closer and we were prepping our house etc. for the party, we found out that Jimmy was going to have a work schedule change and be working nights the week before we were having her party. Well of course I completely panicked, because I was going to have to do the brunt of the work, and did I mention we were cooking for everyone?!?!  Well I pulled up my big girl underwear and dove in, and with the help of my family, we made it happen.

I was a nervous wreck to get everything done, and with a 2 year old running around it was nearly impossible, but somehow we did it.  I was obsessed with having her party become a "pinteresty, pretty, party."  We planned a pumpkin scavenger hunt, that tied into the hay hunt for prizes.  I walked through the scavenger hunt several times to make sure it all worked out, and let me tell you, it failed miserably!  The kids were so excited to start, and some how the cards did not take them to all the spots, and they missed a bunch, but they all gathered around hay and picked their prizes.  That part did not fail, thank goodness!  But I'm here to tell you I SURVIVED, the kids SURVIVED, and we were all still HAPPY!!!

Almost immediately following the hay hunt, it started pouring!!!!!  So here is where my panic really kicked in.  I couldn't believe that everyone was going to have to come into the house, eat and entertain all of the kids.  I didn't have enough places for everyone to sit!  I was a complete wreck.  I can remember my fellow moms giving me the smile, like you can do this.  It's going to be all right, and you know what??  It was all right!  Everyone was happy!  The food was delicious, and everyone pitched in to help.

Lesson learned:  it's not about the colors coordinating and the games being perfect, it's about being with the people you love and care about.  If you are with the people you care about and the food is descent, it's a great party!  Not everything works out the way you plan, but it's how you deal with it that really matters.  At first I was a mess, and as I realized everyone was fine and we made do, I started to relax.   The support I got from other mothers there was what made it doable, and made me realize they all understood!  I could have showed you all the pictures and you would have never known, but it's nice to hear about other people's imperfections and to know that everything doesn't work out perfect all of the time.  So please don't every come to me and ask me to set up a scavenger hunt for you, unless you want it done all wrong ;)

As for the food, we grilled marinated chicken with sweet potatoes, and a salad.  The kids had chicken tenders and macaroni and cheese.  We served appetizers, of veggies and hummus, chips, and of course some veggie sticks.  Almost everything we bought at BJs, they have awesome deals on organic foods!  And of course, the delicious cake from The Cake Lady (link is below).



The kids were definitely excited to start the scavenger hunt :)


Luckily, the hay distracted the kids :)


She was more excited about playing in the hay than anything!!


And then the rain came!  We set up blankets in our family room and the kids had a picnic.

SONY DSC  Happy memories were made.  Check out the adorable cake from The Cake Lady.SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC SONY DSC

Much different experience this year with the cake.  She actually enjoyed eating it, unlike last year when she spit it out!

Thank you for taking the time to visit.  Enjoy the weekend!