Nordstrom Anniversary Sale For Women! My Favorite Time of Year!!!!

Seriously!  I look forward/dread this time of year!!!  The only time that Nordstrom has absolutely amazing deals on their designer items!  It's a great time to think about Christmas shopping--especially for me, as I will have a newbown and a 3 year old (OMG, still hasn't completely hit me!!!!)  Also, just a fun time to buy items that I have had my eyes on, but haven't wanted to pay full price for.  I'm going to segment my favs for each category!  Today I have featured my choices for women :)  Happy Shopping!!!!!!!  Early Access to the sale ends on July 17th, and the sale is open to everyone else July 17th to August 3rd!!!!  Plenty of time!!!!!  Make sure you click the arrow to the right of the thumbnails!  There is more!!!