63224_1707840983154_3721042_n So for those of you that don't know me, our wedding anniversary is on December 31st :)  This year will be 9 years!  I can't believe it.  I wish I could go back to our wedding, it was truly one of the best days of our lives.  It was so much fun to have a wedding in the winter, especially on a day where everyone is ready to celebrate. New Years Eve is great wedding date, but a tough anniversary to have.  We are always torn on whether to spend it together or with a group of friends.  Typically on your anniversary you spend alone, but New Years Eve is about family and friends.  I think we have finally figured it out.  We tend to have dinner together as a couple, and sometimes see a few close friends after.  This year we will just be together the two of us.  I'm hoping that will set the tone for the year, as I'm sure all of you new parents understand that sometimes you lose your time together as a couple.  I'm determined not to let that happen.

I am a big fan of New Years as it means a whole new start.  While I do believe that we should always reflect on how we are doing in life day to day, and plan an attack to our goals, it's so fun to feel a clean slate.  For a while now, we have been making vision boards, but last year we made it on New Years.  It is a perfect way to put your new years resolutions, goals, and visions on paper to remind yourself of where you want to be.  We can talk about them all we want, but having a visual reminder day in and day out is a perfect way to attract them, and to remind yourself.   Have you made a vision board??

Vision boards are a great way to to keep yourself focused on what you really want in life.  Typically a vision board has several sections on them.  They should incorporate the important aspects of life:  financial, health and fitness, recreation, relationships, career, spirituality, and giving back.  I like to make my vision board neat and organized, so I can see exactly where I'm working towards.  If there are too many sayings and pictures on them, it starts to look too busy and confusing.  I want my goals clear and concise.

The vision board that I made last year has kept me so focused that all but 2 sections have happened!!!  That is amazing to me.  When I created the board it scared me because I wasn't exactly sure of how I was going to get to those places, but I made it anyways.  You don't have to know how you are going to get there, but you just have to know where you want to be.   Some of my visions I didn't even dream would happen right away, but they did!

I keep my vision board in my closet because I go in there everyday, and I know I'll see it. I also take a picture of the board and make it my lock screen on my phone, so I am constantly reminded of it throughout the day.  There are pictures and sayings on them that go along with what I am working towards.  Some of them are magazine cut outs and some of them are things I typed out to make original.  Be careful what you include on the poster, though.  If you put a picture of your dream home on there with a dog running through the yard, you might just attract the house, and a dog too!!  Keep your vision board positive.  Instead of writing lose 10 pounds, write the pants size you want to be in, or take a picture of the pants you have that you want to fit into again.  The point of this is to attract what you want in life.  It is a pretty powerful ritual that I don't see living without.

Don't be afraid to show your boards to your close friends and family.  They are your dreams, they should reach for the stars!  It's fun to share with others, so one, they know what you are working towards, and two to motivate and inspire others to not be afraid of your dreams.  The time is now!!

If you haven't read or watched the book The Secret, I highly recommend it.  This will help you understand how this works, and how to attract more positivity into your life.  Now grab a couple of your close friends and gather to create your vision boards together!  I want to see them when you are done.  You will be so glad you did!  Believe me!