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New Egg Popper Recipe!!!

Rachel IbbisonComment
New Egg Popper Recipe!!!

If you follow me, you saw this video--you guys!  I'm so dang excited about this new time saver we fumbled upon--really it was hubby--but man did it save us a ton of prep time!! 

I wanted to give you all the printed recipe and a solid place for you to access the recipe!!

So here it is:

Egg Popper


Egg Poppers


3 dozen eggs

1 pint grape tomatoes

assorted colors of peppers (I like to purchase the package of red, yellow, and orange)

cayenne pepper




Crack all 3 dozen eggs into a blender.  Sprinkle spices and place clean veggies in.  Blend and pour into muffin tin.  Makes about 12-16 poppers, depending on the size of the tins. 


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