My New Health Obsession
Celery juice and it's healing properties

All right friends! I have some pretty exciting and life changing stuff here for you. This all started when my sister was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis. If you know someone that suffers with it, then you know the struggles of it can affect your day to day life. And if you know me well, then you know that my sister is everything to me. So needless to say when I knew she was suffering I researched and researched ways to help her. There is a lot of things that she tried that did not help, but this one she had been successful with. I’m telling you guys, I’ve been praying and praying for something to give her relief. Along with celery juice, she has been doing a few other protocols, but she has had great success with it. Yes, I said, celery juice. I’ve been obsessively consuming anything that Anthony William puts out, and I just started reading his first book Medical Medium. When I first read about the celery juice it intrigued me, but when he wrote about how it can affect Ulcerative Colitis, I immediately shared it with my sister. For her, she was consuming very little vegetables, and some fruit, so at first I was just excited for her to get some more micronutrients into her body.

Then I read about the healing properties of it. Here are some, but not all of the healing properties:

  • reduces inflammation

  • lowers cholesterol

  • lowers blood pressure

  • reduces the acidity in your body and makes it more alkaline

  • prevents cancer

  • prevents digestive disorders

  • hydrates skin

  • heals the gut

  • minimizes oxidative stress

  • heals acne

  • weight loss

These are the big ones—the list could go on and on. For a more extensive list go here.

So I’m sure you wondering how do I do this?

Here is exactly how you consume it:

  • Make 16 oz of celery juice. Make sure it’s organic. To make 16 oz. it takes a whole bunch and a few more celery stalks. I use the leaves and all.

  • Drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach (fresh is best)

  • Wait to consume anything for 15-30 minutes after drinking it.

  • Do not add anything to the juice

I have been chopping and cleaning the celery the night before. I put it back in the fridge so it’s cold the next day.

Here are two juicers that I recommend that are completely affordable:

**Please remember that you should be using a juicer. You don’t want any of the pulp in your juice. If you don’t have a juicer and only a blender, you can blend it then squeeze it with a cheese or nut cloth to get the juice from that.

So after my sister got started, I of course had to try it before I shared it with you all. As you know, I’m pretty healthy, but I’ve been struggling with bloating and lingering candida stuff for quite some time. I figured I would give this a shot to see if this helped at all. According to Anthony William, you can start to see results within the first 7 days, but the true healing will start around 2-3 weeks of following this protocol. I am 7 days in and here are some of the symptoms I have experienced:

  • bloating through out the day is non-existent—DID YOU READ THAT?!?! I NO longer get bloated throughout the day!!! My pants fit me exactly the same way they did first thing in the morning!!!!!!!!

  • the pain I was feeling in my lower ribs is no longer there

  • I lost 4 pounds ( no I don’t really weigh myself but I was curious)

  • I feel more full and more full of energy

I will keep you all posted on how I feel after a couple of weeks, but let me tell you friends. I want to shout this out from the rooftop!

Give it a chance.

The first day it was absolutely disgusting to me. I could hardly choke it down. So trust me when I say that you will absolutely hate it at first! The second day it got easier, and then everyday after that I jug it like nothing and look forward to it!

I just started my hubby and he started with 4 oz and we are going to work our way up. I’m waiting to see if it helps him with his heartburn. I will keep you all posted.

I would be so grateful if you shared this post. I want to spread the word as much as possible! I am shocked at how one juice can completely change how my whole body feels!!

Much Love,


PS I would love to hear your results when you try this!! Please share!!! CHEERS!!!!