Ever since my daughter was a baby, Jimmy and I have had this awesome tradition with her.  When we go in to get her from her nap or sleeping all night, we play a special song on our phone and dance with her.  She is a schedule girl, so there are some times when I have to wake her up from her nap.  During those times, I use a slow song.  My favorite is Ray LaMontagne Hold You in My Arms.  Jimmy uses our wedding song This Year's Love by David Gray.  We slow dance with her as she is waking up.  If she's all ready awake, I will go in with a more fun song to dance to, especially if we are going to go some where exciting.  Music to me is the way of life.  It builds so many memories and can make your heart feel so full and warm. Try it next time you wake up your kiddo! Makes for a special pleasant wake up!!!  This picture brings tears to my eyes.  It was taken through the monitor, so excuse the blurriness.  She loves slowing dancing with her Daddy!!! IMG_3619xo,