A book you are going to want to read to your children
self love children's book

I love sharing good finds! And if you’re anything like me, it’s so much easier when someone you trust can tell you what to buy without having to try several brands before finding a good one! This one is special to me. The book was written by a friend of mine, which by the way she has no idea I am sharing this post. I really couldn’t keep this from you. It is that good!

This book is all sorts of amazing and my kids love it! James even asks me to read Shmoops, and he’s 3. My 6 year old loves it too! It talks about setting up a spectacular day through our thoughts, our nutrition etc. I love books like this that the kids can relate to and love as well as getting some really important messages.

In fact the other day while she was taking a tub, I asked her to take her hair out of her ponytail. She got out real quick because she needed the mirror to see. She sat back in the tub and looked at me and said, “I look really beautiful with my hair pulled back like that.” My heart could have exploded right then and there. She then proceeded to tell me that she learned to tell herself good things in the mirror from Schmoops!!!

This was such a proud Mommy moment but more importantly as I later reflected on this, I had some really huge realizations. One is that I was so grateful to have resources like this to expose my daughter to self love lessons at such a young age. This message is something that is near and dear to me. Two, I had this moment of gratitude for my friend Tory for taking the bold step to write this book. She had a dream and vision, and she went for it.

self-love children's book

Listen Sister, when you create something, anything—from a book, a blog post, a post on social media you never really know who it is going to touch. And by that touching someone it could affect their daughter, their son, etc. From one small action or being bold and speaking truth of what you believe in, it could completely change the way someone looks at themselves or their life.

So one, go out and buy this book for your children, students, niece, nephew, grandchildren etc. And two, don’t talk yourself out of it. Release the story that it is about you. It’s not about you, it’s about the lives that you can touch, and ripple effect that it can start. You never know, my friend. Take the bold step. Be the brave one and go for it. I’m so grateful my friend Tory did. Look at the confidence that she is building in my daughter without even knowing it.

Sending So Much Love,