I'm so excited to share these pictures and our experience doing a lifestyle photo shoot.  We had the pleasure of capturing our everyday life with Kim Zagarenski at Sweet Moments in Time Photography.  I love this concept.  So many times we schedule family photos to sit and pose like a family, and of course I love those photos, we do them every year, but this concept seems to capture more of our everyday life for all of us to remember what life was like at that time and moment. While we didn't actually really capture everyday life.  My hair and makeup definitely doesn't look like that everyday, and our house is definitely not always that clean!  It did capture what we do on a daily basis with Little K!  She actually shocked me!  I thought we would spend the first 30 minutes of her clinging to me and acting shy, but that was not the case at all!  As soon as Kim walked in, it was her show.  She is at a tough age to do photos, so we really followed her lead and let her do what she was comfortable with, and she was definitely comfortable!  Kim was great and very patient with us.  And let us do our thing.

She mentioned the idea of coming to someone's house first thing in the morning and capture what it is like for the family to wake up together.  No makeup, messy hair, and all!  I love that idea, just to really have pictures of what our family has and what we operate like day to day :)  These are the pictures that I know Little K and now Baby J will look at and remember things about our house, the furniture etc that will bring back those happy memories of our family.

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Little K's Outfit

Shirt (sold out) but LOVE this one



My Outfit

Kimono (sold out) this one is similar and on sale!



Skirt (sold out) similar


His Outfit

Shirt (old) similar



I can't thank Kim from Sweet Moments In Time Photography enough for capturing our lives as we know it.  Such an awesome concept!  If you are considering family photos, definitely give a lifestyle photo shoot a try!  Pictures like this are priceless.