photo-44 My outfit from this weekend!!  These shoes are to die for!!!  I got them on Nordstrom, but they are sold out--I found them on trusty though!!  I was proud of my discovery when I put this outfit together.  I like changing the waist of skirts to make outfits look different, but I always find that when I wear a tanktop underneath, it leaves a line from wear the tanktop ends, which is a HUGE pet peeve of mine!  Well I figured it out!  I took the bottom of the tanktop and folded it up to wear the skirt's waist it and voila!!  NO MORE LINE--and the outfit looks like a dress now!  Here are the details to the outfit!!!

sandals, skirt (sold out) similar, tanktop (sold out) similar, necklace (sold out) similar, purse (sold out) similar (on sale too!!!, I actually like this one better!!)